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Hague Corporate Affairs, a young consultancy agency in The Hague and Amsterdam that does not believe in borders. Not in borders between communication and public affairs. Not in borders in what we can or cannot do. We produce an infographic, write a corporate story, orchistrate stakeholder research, design a digital campaign, speak with a minister – preferably on one day. From consumer to media, from science to politics: many forces affect the interests of our clients. Hague Corporate Affairs is the strategic partner that organises your dialogue with the outside world in many creative ways.


    Your company wants to interact with the outside world. This, however, becomes more difficult because of the increasing noise of traditional and social media. There is a hitch on the line. Or you feel insecure about your story.
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    Your organisation is one of the many players in a complex universe of mutual influencing and decision-making. The outside world consists of many stakeholders with whom you want to interact to achieve your goals: civil servants, politicians, journalists, ngo’s and academics.
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    Hague Corporate Affairs helps to establish, strengthen and protect your reputation. We start with finding the best position for your company, based on its values, mission and vision.
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    A crisis situation is a decisive moment: how does your organisation react to the pressure of unexpected media-attention that can damage your reputation. Do you wait and sit still? Or do you take counter measures?
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Hague Corporate Affairs has many years of experience fulfilling numerous clients’ needs in the fields of communications, public affairs and lobbying. We have worked for (international) companies and organisations in the areas of energy, agro-industry, finance, food industry, health care, culture, charities and higher education.

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